Our World Class Staff Sets Us Apart

St. Mark Children’s Day Out is proud of its CDO Staff! The St. Mark CDO Board reviews each potential staff candidate carefully and only staff that pass their review are afforded the opportunity to join our winning team.

Ms. Suzanne

Lead Teacher, Toddlers

Team Member Since August 2003

Ms. Suzanne has been a part of our program since her children attended many years ago. Ms. Suzanne brings enthusiasm, laughter, and energy to the toddler classroom. She is an amazing teacher with a level of patience that makes her a favorite! When she is not enjoying toddlers, you can find Ms. Suzanne needlepointing or enjoying the antics of her precious cats! Ms. Suzanne is married with a grown son and college aged daughter.

Ms. Tracy

Lead Teacher, Threes

Team Member Since Fall 2015

Ms. Tracy started with us in August and hit the ground running! She is originally from Massachusetts and after marrying her high school sweetheart and becoming a mom, she opened and operated a very successful licensed daycare for nine years! After moving to Texas fifteen years ago, she turned her concentration to motherhood and has been busy raising her 6 children! Three are now adults and three are still school aged. After five sons, she and her husband opted to quit gambling on ever having a daughter of their own and adopted a little girl from Russia 6 years ago. In Tracy’s own words, “I have always loved children and decided to apply for this position after looking over the school website and being impressed with what I saw!” We are so glad that Ms. Tracy did and have already appreciated her positive energy and interaction with the children in the few short weeks she has been a member of the team!

Ms. Julie

Lead Teacher, Fours

Team Member Since August 2018

Ms. Julie lived in her birthplace town of Columbus, Ohio for 6 weeks before being on the move with her navy dentist dad and family, but became a true Texan in 1984 when she began her college career at Texas Lutheran College, now University, earning a B.S. in Psychology in 1988. She married her husband after college and has 3 grown sons. Ms. Julie is often seen walking up and down the halls having conversations with our CDO children and singing songs with them! We are blessed to have her presence at our school! In her spare time, Ms. Julie likes to work out and sew.

Ms. Pam

Lead Teacher, Fours

Team Member Since Fall 1989

Ms. Pam wins the award for being our teacher with the longest tenure with St. Mark CDO! Also a native Austin-ite, she first joined our staff when her now twenty-something year old son was in our program! She remembered us when her now 7 year old son was needed a part-day program and joined our staff this past fall! She has an amazing gift for enjoying young toddlers and is a great asset to our St. Mark CDO team! Ms. Pam is married with three grown children and one not as grown child!

Ms. Katie

Lead Teacher, Pre-K

Team Member Since Summer 2022

Ms. Katie is a bundle of energy and always smiling! Hired in the summer of 2022, Ms. Katie did not hesitate to literally hit the ground running setting up the Pre-K classroom for her future students! Born in Missouri, Ms. Katie was educated at State Fair Community College where she earned her degree in early childhood development. After moving to Texas, Ms. Katie has served families of young children as both a nanny and a pre-k teacher! She is constantly engaging with children in the classroom, on the playground, in the hallways, and wherever children are gathered! As one of the newer teachers to join our seasoned staff, we give thanks for the many ways that she has embraced our CDO community and our families in leading the Pre-K Owls classroom!

Ms. Bonny

Asst. Teacher (M&W), Toddlers

Team Member Since August 2016

Ms. Bonny joined our staff in the summer of 2016! She was born in Amarillo, but spent most of her early years in Wichita Falls. She has about 15 years experience in childcare and enjoys the youngest of God’s creation and all of the developmental changes that happen each school year. Bonny is the proud mom of a college aged son named Jacob who she describes as “awesome.” If money and time were not a factor, she would enjoy a day spent outside and maybe the opportunity to try something new like scuba diving off some fabulous beach somewhere!

Ms. Sharon

Asst. Teacher (T&TH), Toddlers

Team Member Since Fall 2022

Ms. Sharon is our local Louisiana native and loves all things Cajun! After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and Communications from the University of New Orleans, Ms. Sharon went on to earn both her teaching and master’s degrees from San Francisco State University. After teaching in the San Francisco Unified School District for 10 years, Ms. Sharon made her way to Texas where she has served as both a preschool teacher and elementary school substitute for the last 22 years. Her personal philosophy is to approach each child with respect, teach them with consideration and never lose sight of the fact that early childhood is the most formative time in a person’s life. The CDO is blessed to have Ms. Sharon on our teaching team!

Ms. Chaitali

Asst. Teacher, Threes

Team Member Since August 2022

Born in India and educated at both Bo Maliba Pharmacy College in India and Sir Sandford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario, Ms. Chaitali is a registered pharmacist and has practiced pharmacy in both Canada and India. When touring the preschool for one of her sons, Ms. Chaitali shared that she has always wanted to be a teacher! Fast forward a few months and we are so excited to have her son enrolled in our program and to have Ms. Chaitali on our teaching team! In her spare time, Ms. Chaitali likes shopping, sports, music and working out! Welcome Ms. Chaitali to St. Mark CDO!

Ms. Ruby

Asst. Teacher, Fours

Team Member Since Summer 2021

Ms. Ruby is the first ever teacher hired while actually touring the preschool to enroll her child!  During her tour conversation, Ms. Ruby shared that while she was working on her Associate’s Degree in Architectural Design, she started working part time as a Preschool Teacher. It was during this time that she realized her passion for young children and that changed her career path. Ms. Ruby has also volunteered as a Sunday school teacher and nursery helper since 2013. Ms. Ruby is happily married and has 5 children ages 15, 13, 3, 2 and 1!  Ms. Ruby admits that the good Lord surprised her with her youngest three children! During her limited free time, she enjoys exploring outdoors, Pinterest DIY Crafting, and Baking. Her favorite quote is “It takes a BIG HEART to help SHAPE little minds” by Abbie Burke. Ms Ruby is excited to be joining the CDO family this fall and getting to know your little loved ones while helping them grow and learn.