Our World Class Staff Sets Us Apart

St. Mark Children’s Day Out is proud of its CDO Staff! The St. Mark CDO Board reviews each potential staff candidate carefully and only staff that pass their review are afforded the opportunity to join our winning team.

Ms. Suzanne

Lead Teacher, Toddlers

Team Member Since August 2003

Ms. Suzanne has been a part of our program since her children attended many years ago. Ms. Suzanne brings enthusiasm, laughter, and energy to the toddler classroom. She is an amazing teacher with a level of patience that makes her a favorite! When she is not enjoying toddlers, you can find Ms. Suzanne needlepointing or enjoying the antics of her precious cats! Ms. Suzanne is married with a grown son and college aged daughter.

Ms. Bonny

Lead Teacher (M&W), Threes

Team Member Since August 2016

Ms. Bonny joined our staff in the summer of 2016! She was born in Amarillo, but spent most of her early years in Wichita Falls. She has about 15 years experience in childcare and enjoys the youngest of God’s creation and all of the developmental changes that happen each school year. Bonny is the proud mom of a college aged son named Jacob who she describes as “awesome.” If money and time were not a factor, she would enjoy a day spent outside and maybe the opportunity to try something new like scuba diving off some fabulous beach somewhere!

Ms. Jennifer

Lead Teacher (T&TH), Threes

Team Member Since October 2004

Ms. Jennifer is a native Austin-nite , earning a teaching degree from Concordia University, with an early childhood emphasis and specializations in grades 1-6 and special education. She has also taught and directed at both the preschool and elementary school level.

As a long time member of the CDO team, we value her amazing patience and love for the littles!

Ms. Jennifer is widowed and has one adult daughter and two adult sons.

Ms. Julie

Lead Teacher, Fours

Team Member Since August 2018

Ms. Julie lived in her birthplace town of Columbus, Ohio for 6 weeks before being on the move with her navy dentist dad and family, but became a true Texan in 1984 when she began her college career at Texas Lutheran College, now University, earning a B.S. in Psychology in 1988. She married her husband after college and has 3 grown sons. Ms. Julie is often seen walking up and down the halls having conversations with our CDO children and singing songs with them! We are blessed to have her presence at our school! In her spare time, Ms. Julie likes to work out and sew.

Ms. Marina

Lead Teacher, Fours

Team Member Since January 2023

Ms. Marina is a CDO grandma that after a couple of years of her grandchild attending our program shared that she is a former elementary school teacher that has an elementary education degree earned at the University of Durango-Miguel Aleman Campus in Durango, Mexico! Besides her teaching experience, Ms. Marina also spent many years in the business world where she owned and managed properties in El Paso and in Central America. Ms. Marina joined our staff as an assistant teacher in January 2023 and has been an amazing team member since the day she arrived! Ms. Marina is hard working, always showing up early and staying late to be able to be the best team player doing whatever tasks need to be done! She is innovative and always looking for new ways to engage the children in activities in each of the classrooms she serves! We are blessed by Ms. Marina being a part of our team!

Ms. Debbie

Lead Teacher, Pre-K

Team Member Since August 2023

Ms. Debbie has come out of retirement to become our Pre-K lead teacher! Ms. Debbie has taught in many different elementary schools over the years, mostly as she was raising her family in Oklahoma. When her references were called before her interview, every single one just couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was to work with her, to know her, to be mentored by her! Ms. Debbie originally retired to become a caretaker for her husband and later on for her grandchildren. She was a grandmother in our program before joining our staff and has already been such a breath of fresh air for our teaching team! She brings professionalism, compassion, humor, and a genuine excitement and energy for both the CDO and the teaching profession! She is gift to the CDO team!

Ms. Victoria

Asst. Teacher (M&W), Toddlers

Team Member Since August 2023

Ms. Victoria joined our teaching team in the Fall of 2023 in the toddler butterfly classroom. Ms. Victoria always wanted to be a teacher when she grew up and is enjoying this experience working with the youngest of our enrolled children to see if this is truly what she wants to do for a career! Ms. Victoria grew up in San Marcos and graduated from San Marcos High School. She also studied at Stephen F. Austin University before becoming a mom! Ms. Victoria is married and has one daughter who is enrolled at the CDO. Before having her daughter, Ms. Victoria used to like to spin fire while dancing! Wow! Ms. Victoria is our first fire dancing teacher and we are glad that she is sharing her spark for education with us!

Ms. Carolyn

Asst. Teacher (T&TH), Toddlers

Team Member Since August 2021

We are so excited to welcome Ms. Carolyn back to St. Mark CDO! Ms. Carolyn is originally from the great state of New Mexico. Ms. Carolyn earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in computer science from New Mexico State University and a Master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Texas in Austin. Ms. Carolyn retired from IBM after almost 30 years and is excited to return to St. Mark CDO after a couple of years off! In her spare time, Ms. Carolyn tutors students whose first language is not English in all subjects as well as helping them fill out college applications. Over the years, Ms. Carolyn and her husband have hosted three international high school exchange students in their home in addition to raising their own son. Ms. Carolyn enjoys traveling with her family, working out, and reading. Ms Carolyn is married and has an adult son.

Ms. Alma

Asst. Teacher (M-TH), Threes

Team Member Since August 2023

Ms. Alma has lots of childcare experience after working with both Childcare Careers as a sub for licensed childcare centers across the city of Austin and also a private daycare where she wore many hats, including cook, substitute teacher, classroom assistant teacher, and also “child whisperer” when children were having a tough time in the classroom and needed a break from the classroom environment. Ms. Alma loves children and has four sons age 15, 11, 4, and 3. In her limited spare time, she loves art. When asked what she would do if she won the lottery, Ms. Alma said she would be the happiest person ever and use the money wisely and responsibly to benefit her family by buying a new house and new car! Ms. Alma has been a great addition to our four day team and we are glad she spends part of her days with us!

Ms. Alex

Asst. Teacher (M&W), Fours

Team Member Since August 2023

We welcome Ms. Alex to our St. Mark CDO teaching team! Ms. Alex is from the town of Thorndale, Texas where she attended school from kindergarten through 12th grade. Ms. Alex loves children and has always been a big hit with younger family members and decided to begin her part time career in early childhood education with us. Ms. Alex is currently a student at the University of Texas at Austin where she is a junior, pursuing an education in Public Relations, hoping to land a job with the University of Texas when she graduates in the Spring of 2025. In her spare time, very limited as a college student, Ms. Alex likes traveling, baking, and spending time with family. Ms. Alex looks forward to working in the 3-4 year old classroom beginning this fall and we look forward to getting to know Ms. Alex and all of the gifts and talents she will bring to that classroom!

Ms. Judy Brown

Asst. Teacher (T&TH), Fours

Team Member Since August 2023

Ms. Judy Brown is a ray of sunshine for our program. If you ask her any day how she is, she will always say “Just living the dream!” Ms. Judy has been active at the CDO as a grandmother volunteer since her now elementary school aged grandchild began at the preschool several years ago! Ms. Judy brings years of experience as a preschool teacher, parent, and now grandparent and we are blessed to have her at the preschool officially on staff! In addition to her experience in working with young children, Ms. Judy also worked for and retired from the Department for Homeland Security. With her combined real life experiences and Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration, Ms. Judy brings us many gifts and talents and we give thanks for her!

Ms. Isha

Asst. Teacher (M-TH), Fours

Team Member Since August 2023

Ms. Isha earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in her home country of India before coming with her husband to the United States in California. She and her husband were introduced and later married after their mothers, who worked together, decided that the two should fall in love and get married, which they did! Ms. Isha has been married for 10 years and has three children. Before joining our CDO staff, Ms. Isha volunteered at the Lake Pointe Elementary School where her daughter attended and decided that part time childcare was where she felt called to serve during these years while her children are younger.

Ms. Judy Roberts

Asst. Teacher (M-TH), Pre-K

Team Member Since August 2023

Ms. Judy R. is brand new to our teaching staff but not brand new to teaching! After graduating from the University of Texas with a college degree in liberal arts in May 2022, Ms. Judy went to work as an assistant Pre-K teacher in a full time childcare center where she spent last year and witnessed their Pre-K graduation this summer. Ms. Judy is going through all of the steps possible to become a certified teacher in the State of Texas currently. Our hope is that the process will take a long time so that she can stay with us for many years! Ms. Judy grew up in the Houston area where her family still resides. In her spare time, she enjoys being active, cooking, reading, traveling, and most importantly, spending time with family, friends, and dogs. We look forward to working with Ms. Judy and welcome her to the St. Mark CDO teaching team!