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As a way of including your family to the St. Mark CDO community, we ask that you complete the Student and Parent Profile. Please be as complete as possible so we can serve your child based on their needs and developmental milestones!

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Student Profile

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Was your child's pregnancy full-term? Were there complications?

Is this the first time your child has attended a childcare or preschool environment?

Do you have any concerns?

Are there any foods that your child cannot have at school? For instance, is your child a vegetarian? Does your child have any food allergies? Please describe. NOTE: If your child has a food or other allergy, a FARE form signed by a physician must be present at the CDO the first day that your attends as per Department of Family and Protective Services.

Is your child currently attending speech, physical, or occupational therapy? Have they in the past?

Does your child have a special stuffed animal or blanket?

What is its name?

Is your child potty trained?

If yes, do they require any extra help in their toileting?

Does your child nap at home?

How long?

Who are the family members living in the home?

What are your child's favorite activities (at home or outside of home)?

Does your child have allergies other than food related (bugs or other)?

Is there any additional information that we need to know to make your child's experience at St. Mark Children's Day Out the best one possible?

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During the year we have many opportunities for your involvement. How would you like to help?
Donating materialsDonating time at a field trip or special eventSubstitutingMaintenance/Repairs for the building or playground

Please elaborate, if necessary:

We have a Children's Day Out board that meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6pm.
We discuss events, policy changes, and other concerns regarding the children.
Would you like to be a part of the board? Child care is provided.

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