Play-Based Curriculum

Our program maintains a play-based curriculum for all ages, understanding that young children learn best through play. All parents in our program are given the brochure, “The Power of Play” written by Dr. Michael K. Meyerhoff outlining the extensive research showing that children do learn best through play. A Calendar of Learning is distributed to parents at the beginning of the fall semester outlining the theme for each month and week, letters, numbers, and Bible themes that will define our school year.

Limited Enrollment

Classroom activities are age appropriate and class enrollment is limited to ensure proper care. With 2 teachers in each classroom your child receives individual attention to meet their specific needs. For children who experience separation anxiety, teachers are supportive and loving during drop-off. This sets the tone for a positive day. Our teachers provide essential feedback on your child’s development so we can work together to ensure their growth.

Outdoor Playtime

In addition to a daily schedule created by each lead teacher, each class spends at least an hour on the playground, dependent on weather. Children have the chance to run on our open, secure playground, swing in the different age appropriate seat options, climb various play structures, and explore the outdoors. Most students gather around our beautiful oak and enjoy the shade it provides. So your child can make the most of this outdoor time please dress them appropriately for each season and ensure they wear closed-toe shoes at all times.

Weekly Enrichments

Our lead teachers  incorporate music, Spanish, and chapel into their weekly lesson plans.

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