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Our Stars Threes Classroom is designed for children 2 years old by September 1st and who will turn 3 years old by August 31 of the following year. The student to teacher ratio does not exceed 10 children to 2 teachers.

This age is full of developmental milestones that will shape the future success of your child. There is minimum parallel play as children form bonds with classmates. They engage more socially through interactive play with others. Three-year-olds demonstrate verbal independence and begin to speak in complete sentences. They ask “Why?” and are extremely curious. They often gain confidence when they independently complete simple tasks such as putting on jackets and opening lunch containers.

A visitor walking by this classroom might see the children cutting out of magazines or deeply rooted in a cooking project. Hands-on-learning is crucial at this stage of development and is evident in the classroom. Teachers provide more elaborate art activities. The final project reflects how the art has become child-lead. Teachers provide activities focused on sequencing to help students begin to organize their thoughts to establish pre-Math skills. With letter and number songs and games teachers help students begin to count and learn the alphabet. As the children’s attention span broadens, they participate in circle time with a concentration on shapes, colors, weather, and the calendar.

Based on each child’s readiness and in cooperation with parents, teachers will help with potty training. Teachers provide verbal praise when a child uses the toilet, and when accidents occur the child is given extra encouragement, not scorn. Your child’s success with potty training is a huge developmental milestone that expands their self-esteem. Our teachers approach this seriously.

Threes teachers serve their students with guidance and encouragement. They celebrate each developmental achievement obtained during this year of development.