Our mission is to create a loving, safe and enjoyable environment for your child while promoting Christian values and a love of learning.

We do this by providing developmentally appropriate activities, encouraging exploration, fostering healthy relationships between child and adult, supporting positive interactions between children and following the Department of Family and Protective Services Minimum Standards.

Purpose and Objectives

The overall purpose of St. Mark Children’s Day Out is to provide a developmentally appropriate environment for children.

The following goals are necessary to meet that objective:

  • Provide a learning and social environment for all children regardless of race, creed, religion, physical capabilities or mental limitations.
  • Create safe and healthy surroundings that encourage play, exploration, and learning.
  • Teach basic Christian principles by example.
  • Promote physical development through fine and gross motor skill activities.
  • Develop each child’s self-esteem and love of learning.
  • Encourage each child to solve problems independently.
  • Stimulate each child’s cognitive development to bring greater understanding of their immediate world.
  • Nurture each child’s relationships to the local community.
  • Foster awareness of the environment, its changes and our responsibility to it.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers cherish each student for their unique gifts and talents.

More About Our Approach

St. Mark CDO offers play-based education with monthly themes and limited class sizes.

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Our Director has been with St. Mark CDO since 2006!

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