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Ms. Suzanne


Lead Teacher, Toddlers

Team Member Since August, 2003

Ms. Suzanne has been a part of our program since her children attended many years ago. Ms. Suzanne brings enthusiasm, laughter, and energy to the toddler classroom. She is an amazing teacher with a level of patience that makes her a favorite! When she is not enjoying toddlers, she is usually doing something crafty or some type of home improvement project! Ms. Suzanne is married with a teenage son and teenage daughter.

Ms. Emily


Lead Teacher, Threes

Team Member Since August 2015

Ms. Emily Hester is our resident Aggie on staff! Emily was born in Waxahachie, Texas and moved to Austin when she was 4 years old. She has a Communications degree from Texas A&M and has been a professional volunteer and fundraiser since her three children entered elementary school. While growing up and immediately after college, she worked in her family’s pest control business, which she loved since her children were able to come to work with her. Before joining our staff in July 2015, she worked for a business that brought enrichment opportunities to commercial preschools. Ms. Emily’s organizational skills, positive energy and magnetism with children has made her transition to our staff an easy one! In her words, Ms. Emily loves preschool children since this was her favorite age so far in raising her own children!

Ms. Jennifer S.


Lead Teacher, Fours (Busy Bees), Mon.-Thurs.

Team Member Since October, 2004

Ms. Jennifer S. is a native Austinite and a veteran member of our teaching team! She is more than qualified to lead our Threes classroom after earning a teaching degree from Concordia University with a specialty in special education and early childhood development with an emphasis on grades 1-6. Ms. Jennifer S. has directed a preschool and taught elementary school. As a long time member of our team, we value her amazing patience and love for toddlers! Ms. Jennifer S. is widowed and has an adult daughter and two teenage sons.

Ms. Nikki


Lead Teacher, Fours (Safari Friends), Mon.-Thurs.

First joined St. Mark CDO staff in August 2015

Ms. Nikki was first a mom in our CDO program before joining our staff! Born in Harlingen, Texas, she found her way to Austin after college for her first job! Ms. Nikki is great with three year olds and enjoys watching them transition to being 4 year olds watching their growth and maturity over the course of the school year. She enjoys spending time with extended family in the valley in South Texas and watching television if she gets a few minutes to herself. Ms. Nikki is married and has a young daughter, three dogs, and a new cat this summer!

Ms. Melanie


Lead Teacher, Pre-K

Team Member Since August, 2014

Ms. Melanie is originally from New Jersey and graduated with honors earning a teaching degree from Virginia Tech University. She has taught in the Washington D.C. area before moving to Austin 15 years ago. Ms. Melanie brings a high teaching standard to our Pre-K classroom yet has a kind and loving heart that is evident every day in her classroom. Her energy and commitment to her students is extraordinary as she meets every child where they are and prepares them to be lifelong learners! Their kindergarten teachers will be amazed at the level they enter kinder next year! Ms. Melanie is married and has two teenage children.